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GW-BASIC (language)

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GW-BASIC (language)

Post by h4happiness on Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:23 am

GW-BASIC was once the main language used on home computers and is still useful in learning the fundamentals of computer programming and smaller utility programs. It still runs on Microsoft Windows computers thru WindowsXP, though not in a window, but on the black screen used for MS-DOS programming above that will pop up when you click on the GWBASIC icon.

GW-BASIC is an interpreted language which means that it isn't compiled. You type the program in or copy and paste it into a text ( Notepad ) file saved with the name and a .BAS suffix, surrounded by quotation marks. Entering "run" will start the program. GW-BASIC uses line numbers and runs and saves files with a ".BAS" suffix in the same file as the interpreter. You can also run a program by "dragging and dropping" the program on top of the interpreter.

Download and install this software from following link

Download GWbasic[Happiness Forum]

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